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ART WILLIAMS JUST DO IT SPEECH-Full 20 Minute Video-Incredible!
http://www.mikehealytraining.com My name is Mike Healy. Over the past 20 years I have studied leadership, finances, entrepreneurship and business development. During this time period I have helped…
Added on 4/16/2011

Remember the awesome "Just do it video" by art Williams?
matter where you are or came from .. you can do it.

Well ... Did you know Shoop ( the one who does the Karatbars breakfast club for
us)  was trained by Art?  

Yesterday morning they went over some tax tips for us. Being self employed for
many years I knew most of them .. But people living in an apartment and 
deducting 1/4 of their rent for business was a new one to me!

Seeing incredible growth in our Karatbars ...

Have a great day,


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