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Joe shoop brings in experts and offers us a course he sold for $800 for free.

He's excellent with phone techniques. I KNOW ... MOST HATE CALLING!
But what if you targeted answering machines and only people that wanted to talk to you?!

Eg: If someone answers say you got the wrong number.
If you get an answering machine ... YOU ARE ON.
Hi! This is Ben Alexander from Pennsylvania!
I would like to talk to you about managing a business with my company.
Please call me back at this number ###
I'll be available until 9pm or tomorrow 9 to 9.

It is important that you just get people to your directors until you are a director yourself.
NOW you are a director in training. When they ask questions inform them that most
of the questions will be answered in the information you are sending them and the rest
will be answered when they speak with a director.

....Is this MLM is a pyrimid or a scheme? NO
....Can you just tell me more now? Sure, not a problem____ My job is to send you more information ...
    The video only takes 3 minutes to view .. it would take me a half hour and I can't do as good of a
    job... My job is to send more information. Your email is XXX correct?
    your correct email address?
....How did you get my number? Sure, not a problem____ We use the same resources professional     recruiters use to
    find quality referrals. Your email address is..