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Just wanted to remind everyone of the Noon intro webinar
( Eastern time)  http://karatbarswebinar.com  Boomer often does them
with extra tips and news today. 


"Most People Fail At Network Marketing"
I think this is one of the main reasons.

Someone wanted to connect with me on Facebook. Thinking
he wanted to drop his referral link on me ASAP .. I mentioned I only promote
one program at a time. ( To prevent conflict with our team and give Karatbars
my ALL )

His reply:

Inline image 1

Hmmmm.  Makes sense if you DON'T think about it?
Kristal said yeah .. like you start a job at entry level .. after 1st
paycheck you get another job?  I thought of Tiger Woods .. Yeah I'm
pretty good .. now on to tennis? :-)

But we have many people who join thinking this way. 

Your Karatbars partner!


I have been thinking about flyers and getting them out.  Ended up on Fiverr.
Hmmm: Fiverr flyers   There's some good images in the unofficial Karatbars world 
facebook group  Facebook

( I do dropcards that look like folded 100 dollar bills to my site http://ifounda100dollars.com  .. a very gentle introduction I think )