Karatbars Mail

Hi Guys,

I need to divide my contact list one more time. ( For the juicy bits of information to share.)

As it stands I have two main Karatbars contact lists. A LEFT and a RIGHT. If there is a major development in either leg I like to shoot out a message to keep them in the loop.

I have 1083 members in my left leg and 1115 members in my right. I spent a lot of money last year on advertising. Many who joined early got hundreds placed below them since I only built 2 legs down .. I didn't bring in family or favor anyone.


I want to reduce the size of my mailings and stop helping competitors. 

Competitors?  We are all in this together right? Pretty much.  But if you were in a fishing contest .. would you reveal your secret fishing hole stocked with trophy fish to everyone on the planet before the event?  .. just your family and close friends?  .. Or just your team? 

Or .. If you bought into the McDonalds franchise and owned your own store .. would you work in the one in the next town for free?

I'm easy to find 

I'm easy to find so I get a lot of questions. Many call and admit upfront they are not in my team ... some others setup a bogus account to see what I email. You know, study the competition!  lol 

Anyway, I was warned not to show my personal income anymore. ( I doubt someone on our team reported me ) and I have seen someone in another team copy my Skype tagline ..  "Making $1000 a day online wasn't as hard as I thought! ... But keeping it though. Solution:" .... karatbars...

 So I figured a good way to sort is make 2 more lists .. KYC approved Left and KYC approved Right.  

Problem solved?
We can only have one account.  Karatbars has been known to boot members with 2 accounts.

If you are KYC approved or in process ... AWESOME!  I'll be passing some valuable information that will help your Karatbars business grow.  

Rock on!


All we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.
-Charles Kingsley