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Source: https://www.goldbroker.com/news/gold-the-titanic-and-lifeboats-a-simple-explanation-81.html Why it is so important to own physical gold in the actual context and why the spot price doesn't…
Added on 8/5/2013

Dale got a VIP package!

You can see him in your Dual System  ( username : goldseek )

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Everyone that got a package between Dale and I got 100 units.

The pay plan doesn't make much sense to new members.
So let me give you an idea what I made...

#1 A (20%) direct commission: $428
#2 The units helped me cycle 4 times ( $103 per cycle ) $412
A deposit of $840 would fit into most people's budget right? :-)

We are not supposed to advertise what we make. But we can
show others the incentive reports in our account. ( Under "general"
 ..Many won Jeeps, Gold, tablets  etc )

Since I saw the below short video I keep thinking we are all on the Titanic
... and too many entrepreneurs are unwittingly wasting their resources
setting up shop on the deck selling coffee, programs that pay with a
money substitute,  lotions, potions etc.

What do you think?

Your Karatbars partner 


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