Karatbars Mail


I helped  Don's wife get her silver package today!
( He's the retired train conductor ) 

 Find her in your dual system by searching for raqrodri
OR click on the bottom circle displayed to see the next screen.
She owns a beauty salon.

Everyone between Raquel and I ( That got a package) ALSO got 
another 20 more units!

I Love this pay plan.

skype benatbesavy

PS:  One of the main reasons why I joined Karatbars .. I could SHOW
        others it works!    We start with POTENTIAL  => Try a little Action => See  Results
         ==> Get more  Belief .. see MORE potential..

                                    The Circle of Success??   :-)
Inline image 1
PPS The new tablet I won from Karatbars  Just showed up via Fedex .. I like it. Its a
        Nexus7/Google  ( It was held up in customs for a few days )