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"We are arguably in the worst period of economic experimentation/upheaval we have seen in our lifetimes. Look around and see the unemployed or underemployed, the droves of foreclosed homes and the bankrupt cities like Detroit. Go view how many people are on food stamps in the US and the amount of debt owed by each man, woman and child (Now approaching $55,000 per person in the US and $35,000 in Canada at last check).
Participation rates continue to drop for those in the US job force and the number of those on social assistance is increasing rapidly. The sobering conclusion is that things are far from rosy. Since 2008 alone the US has increased its monetary base faster than in any other time in history. There will be more “bail-ins”, more lending, failure and white collar crime to come. It is only a matter of time.
Physical bullion gold and silver demand is not only growing in places we already know about but it is also burgeoning faster than ever before in places like India, China, Russia, Brazil and other countries where there is a growing population that is becoming more and more inured to the potential of a long term financial disaster.
When you recognize these facts it quickly becomes overwhelmingly apparent that one should run, not walk, to their nearest bullion dealer to add some physical bullion to your portfolio today. Be it for protection or insurance, for gain or simply for speculation, all of these reasons will seem so obvious when the fireworks take gold and silver prices higher than ever before."